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Trinity College Dublin

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Dr Yuri Volkov

Dr Yuri Volkov
Dr Yuri Volkov

Email:          yvolkov AT

Telephone: +353.1.8963263

Prof. Yuri Volkov received his MD from the 1st Moscow Medical University and subsequently a PhD in biomedical sciences at the Institute of Immunology, Moscow. He has been working at the Department of Clinical Medicine, Trinity College Dublin since 1995 and he is currently Professor and Chair of Molecular and Translational Medicine and Director of Research at the School of Medicine, TCD.

His research interests include nanomedicine and biomedical applications of nanotechnologies, molecular mechanisms of immune system functioning in health and disease, cell adhesion and migration in inflammation and cancer, intracellular signalling and cytoskeletal dynamics, advanced cell and molecular imaging. Prof. Volkov coordinated a large scale EU FP-7 funded Consortium "NAMDIATREAM" (www. which unites the expertise of 22 European academic, research, clinical and industrial partners towards the development of nanotechnological toolkits for early diagnostics and treatment monitoring of major types of cancer. He was also a Lead TCD partner for EU FP-7 LSP "MULTIFUN". Prof. Volkov will lead the work towards the safety and biocompatibility assessment of innovative nanomaterials within the AMBER programme.