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Trinity College Dublin

School of Physics

Prof Siddarttha Sen

Prof Siddarttha Sen
Prof Siddarttha Sen

Professor Siddharttha Sen is currently a part time Investigator in CRANN and associated with Trinity College Dublin, School of Physics. He was the former Head of the School of Mathematics in Trinity College Dublin.

His research interests include mathematical physics, graphene, condensed matter physics, black holes, complex systems, quantum field theory.
Some of his recent publications are listed below:

  1.  Symmetry, Symmetry Breaking and Toplogy. Symmetry 2 (2010) 1401
  2. Geometric Finiteness, Holography and Quasinormal Modes CQG 27 (2010) 16502 (with Gupta, Sivakumar, Harikumar)
  3. Bound States in gapped graphene with impurities(with K.Gupta) Phys. Rev B (2008)
  4. Turbulent Flow in graphene (with K.Gupta) EPL 90,(2010)
  5. An Algebraic Geometry Method of Calculating DOS for 2D tight bind¬ing models (with K.Ray) arXiv:1205.1122v1 (2012)