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Trinity College Dublin

School of Physics

Prof Jonathan Coleman

Prof Jonathan Coleman
Prof Jonathan Coleman

Email:          colemaj AT

Telephone: +353.1.8963859

Prof. Coleman’s main research theme is the study of one-dimensional nanostructures including carbon nanotubes and inorganic nanowires. This field of research includes; liquid phase dispersion of carbon nanotubes, inorganic nanowires and graphene, polymer-nanotube composite formation techniques – especially preparation of high loading level composites, polymer-graphene composites, mechanical reinforcement of plastics, strengthening and toughening, conductive composites and nanostructured thin films. Knowledge of these materials can be used to fabricate advanced composites for electrical and mechanical applications.

Prof. Jonathan Coleman received his PhD from Trinity College Dublin Ireland in 1999. After his PhD he was awarded a Higher Education Authority Research Fellowship to continue his research into polymer-nanotube composites. In 2001 he became a contract lecturer in the School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin. He was a visiting scientist at the Nanotech Institute at the University of Texas at Dallas in 2002. He is now a Professor in the School of Physics, and has been elected to fellowship of the College. In 2010, Prof. Coleman was awarded a European Research Council (ERC) Starter Grant. The prestigious ERC Starting Grants identify and support top scientists in Europe so that they will have the funding and encouragement to develop cutting edge technology. Prof Coleman was the winner of SFI's Researcher of the Year 2011.

Prof Coleman and Prof Nicolosi published an invited Review in Science in June 2013 about their work on liquid exfoliation of 2D materials.



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