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Trinity College Dublin

School of Physics

Prof Iggy McGovern

Prof Iggy McGovern
Prof Iggy McGovern

Email:          iggy.mcgovern AT

Telephone: +353.1.8961734

Professor McGovern’s research area is adsorption on semiconductor surfaces, specifically employing synchrotron radiation techniques and more recently supported by scanning tunnelling microscopy.

Prof. Iggy McGovern received BSc and PhD degrees from Queen’s University Belfast in 1970 and 1977. He held post-doctoral positions in The University of Pennsylvania and in University of Wisconsin, USA. He was appointed to the academic staff in Trinity College Dublin in 1979; he is now a Fellow of Trinity College Dublin and Associate Professor of Physics. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and former Chairman of the Institute of Physics in Ireland. He received an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship in 1986.