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Published on 27.04.12

Key Business Figures join CRANN Board

Julie O'Neill, Gina Quin and Ludo Deferm pictured in CRANN.

CRANN today announced the addition of three new Board members, from the Irish and European business communities. Gina Quin, Chief Executive of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce, Julie O’Neill, President IBEC and GM of Gilead Sciences and Ludo Deferm, Executive VP and Head of Business Development of imec, Belgium-based nanoscience institute, have all joined the CRANN board.

The addition of these new members is key to CRANN’s strategy for 2012, which includes a strong commercialisation agenda, focused on moving CRANN’s nanoscience research from laboratory to industry. Research underway at CRANN has potential application in the medical, pharmaceutical, materials, energy and technology industries. In the last year alone, CRANN has secured over €2.5 million in non-Exchequer funding from industry.

Welcoming the new members, Dr. Diarmuid O’Brien, Executive Director at CRANN said,

CRANN has developed a strong industry engagement programme with over 120 companies including Intel, HP, Merck Millipore and Western Digital. It is crucial that we grow this programme and develop new links within Irish and European industry. Bringing new members of the calibre of Gina, Julie and Ludo on board sends a strong message that we are focused on commercialisation and partnering with national and multinational companies to develop the practical application of our research.

Our research has the potential to transform products and services in almost every industry, but particularly in Ireland’s areas of strength including manufacturing, technology and energy. I look forward to working with our new Board members to develop relationships within these sectors into the year ahead.”

Gina Quin, CEO Dublin Chamber of Commerce said, “I am delighted to join the board of one of Ireland’s foremost scientific institutes, CRANN. Recognising the commercial potential of our scientific research is a priority for Ireland, and is something which I look forward to supporting in this role. “

Julie O’Neill, President IBEC said, “With 10% of Ireland’s exports enabled by nanoscience, it is an area of crucial importance for Irish business. I am glad to represent IBEC on the CRANN board and to help maintain and develop links between Ireland’s scientific and business communities into the future. “

Ludo Deferm, Executive VP and Head of Business Development of imec said, “CRANN is amongst the best nanoscience research institutes in the world and linking and engaging with international partners are key. I am glad to use my international experience and to help in this effort in joining the CRANN board. “

Membership of the Board of CRANN runs from January 2012 to January 2015.

The full list of board members is: Dr. Diarmuid O'Brien, Prof. John Boland, Prof. Clive Williams, Prof. David Grayson, Mr. Eamonn Sinnott Intel, Sir Keith O'Nions, Mr. Seán Dorgan former CEO IDA, Prof. Stefano Sanvito, Prof. James Lunney, Prof. Vinny Cahill, MR. Ludo Deferm, Ms. Gina Quin and Ms. Julie O'Neill.

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