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Published on 14.03.13

Dublin hosting EuroNanoForum 2013, Europe's largest Nanotechnology Conference

Leonard Hobbs, leader of the European Nanotechnology Research Program at Intel, with Frank Ryan, CEO of Enterprise Ireland announced the details of EuroNanoForum 2013 on the 13th March.

As part of Ireland’s presidency of the European Council, Dublin will host EuroNanoForum 2013, the largest nanotechnology conference in Europe on the 18-20th June in the Convention Centre Dublin. Organised by Enterprise Ireland and Spinverse ltd, the conference will focus on the impact of nanotechnology in improving people’s lives, especially in the key societal sectors of health, energy and environment. The conference concides with Nanoweek which runs from the 14-21st of June 2013.

EuroNanoForum 2013 is the highlight event of Nanoweek, a week long programme of activities designed to increase awareness of the impact of nanotechnology in Ireland. Nanoweek is an initiative of NanoNet Ireland, the single body of academia and industry established to promote awareness of nanoscience and its contribution, both socially and economically, to Ireland.
The conference will showcase nanotechnology innovations to 1,200 delegates from 50 countries with high profile speakers from industry, government and research, such as Shell, Nokia Research Laboratories, Intel, Philips Healthcare and Max-Planck Institute among others, discussing the economic and technological impact of nanotechnologies on European growth.

Alongside sessions on ‘Nanotechnology Leadership’, ‘Nano in Everyday Life’ and ‘Commercialisation of Nanoproducts’, the conference will also provide a platform for innovative demos and prototypes of nanotechnologies to delegates and media.

Welcoming the announcement, Dr. Diarmuid O’Brien, Executive Director of CRANN, Ireland’s SFI-funded nanoscience institute based at Trinity College Dublin said,

“Ireland has been ranked 6th and 8th in the world for nanoscience and materials science respectively and EuroNanoForum is an excellent opportunity us to showcase our research credentials.

2013 is a promising year for nanoscience in Ireland. Our researchers at CRANN have been chosen to lead a research group in Europe’s Graphene Flagship, the largest ever research investment by the European Union. At CRANN, we are celebrating ten years of collaboration with Irish and international companies across the technology, pharmaceutical, medical, and energy sectors. Our new center AMBER has also received funding from Science Foundation Ireland.

The EuroNanoForum, as part of Nanoweek 2013, can only serve to boost the position of nanoscience research in Ireland. We look forward to participating in the Forum and demonstrating the wealth of experience and quality of research that exists, as well as collaborating with our European counterparts to celebrate our achievements and identify opportunities for the future.”

For further information, please see:

Further details about Nanoweek will be made available in the coming months.


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