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Published on 15.04.13

CRANN announces winners of SuperHero Design Competition

The winning entries and students.
  • 5th Year students Kate Flynn, Eleanor Gunapala and Shannon Spence from St.Michael's Loreto Secondary School received first prize for their design – Mother Nature
  • 5th Year students Jane Duddy, Claudia Hoey, Ashling Taffe and Kelly Harris from St.Michael's Loreto Secondary School, Navan received second prize for their design – Nano Nanny
  • 4th Year student Zac Dwyer from Killarney Community College, received third prize for his design - Firewall

The students received their prize of iPad nanos from Carla O’Brien, RTE News2day presenter and Dr. Diarmuid O’Brien, Executive Director at CRANN at a ceremony in Dublin last week. Their designs were recreated by a professional cartoonist with posters on display, at the Science Gallery in Dublin during the ceremony.

The ‘Superhero’ theme of the competition was chosen to depict the unusual properties of nanomaterials, which are materials hundreds of times smaller than the width of a human hair. For example, one material graphene, is 200 times stronger than steel, yet extremely light and thin.

Nanomaterials are being investigated to replace plastics and metals commonly in use in manufacturing - they are seen as the future of manufacturing.

Dr. Diarmuid O’Brien, Executive Director at CRANN said, “The purpose of this competition was to get students thinking about the amazing properties of nanomaterials, in which CRANN is conducting some exciting research. Many students may not be familiar with nanoscience, despite the fact that it is a sector for which Ireland is ranked 6th internationally.

We received entries from all around the country and we were hugely impressed at the standard of design work, particularly those of St. Michael’s Loreto Navan and Killarney Community College. Students are really thinking about science, in a way which goes beyond traditional books, lab-coats and laboratories.

With the level of understanding of nanomaterials displayed by the students, I hope that they will be inspired to pursue a career in science at third-level and to apply for the N-PCAM course at Trinity College.”

More information about the winning entries can be found here.

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