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Published on 17.02.12

CRANN Deputy Director alongside Trapattoni in Exhibition

Prof Stefano Sanvito at the launch of the "Traits Portraits" exhibition

A visual art exhibition of portraits that reflect the diversity of Italian identity in contemporary Ireland opened last week at Dublin’s Italian Institute of Culture.

Inspired by the 150th anniversary of the Unity of Italy, the exhibition presents an insight into the broad range of Italian professionals who live and work in today’s Ireland, including CRANN's Deputy Director, Prof Stefano Sanvito. The exhibition is a celebration of the many levels of relationship between Ireland and Italy through the shared experiences of Italians who came to Ireland for a variety of reasons, made careers here, developed friendships with Italian and Irish people and who continue to value their identity in a country that in many ways is similar but different from their own.

From the protagonists:

“ In Dublin I had the chance to study, to become a photographer, to meet people from all over the world and to realise that I am still Italian”
“Purely professional at the beginning it became a wonderful experience of life”
“This is a very interesting project, allowing us to get to know each other and show each other who we are as individuals and professionals from Italy who live and work in different contexts and realities in Ireland but are linked by the double - and at times consuming - attachment to two splendid and complex nations”

“The positive energy that breathes, even in the most difficult moments historically, is contagious and the reason why many who come to visit the country end up putting down permanent  roots”                                         
The exhibition was officially opened on February 8th by His Excellency the Ambassador of Italy, Maurizio Zanini, and, as special guests, the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Andrew Montague, and Deputy Lord Mayor, Councillor Maria Parodi.

The portraits are by professional photographer Veronica Vierin, who lives and works in Dublin, and is comprised of photographs and a continuous video collage representing the varied experiences of Italian professionals living and working in Ireland.

The “Traits Portraits” exhibition is open to the public in the Pavilion Hall of the Italian Institute of Culture at 11 Fitzwilliam Square East from 9th to the 23rd February 2012, Monday to Friday, from 11am until 7pm.

CRANN Deputy Director and Principal Investigator, Prof Stefano Sanvito, was photographed for the exhibition and takes his place alongside a diverse range of individuals including Giovanni Trapattoni.  Prof Sanvito has been living and working in Ireland for the last ten years. Heading up the Computational Spintronics group in CRANN, and Professor in the School of Physics, his group developed the software, Smeagol, which simulates how materials and devices behave at the atomic level. This has been used in contributing to CRANN’s knowledge of magnetic materials in the development of new types of non-volatile memory that retain information, after the computer is shut down or the power supply is cut off. More than 140 centres around the world from the US to the Middle East to Japan and Australia are using Prof Sanvito’s Smeagol programme.

Further information on the exhibition is available by telephone at 01 6620509 or e-mail at

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