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Published on 05.11.13

DARTof Physics

‘DART of Physics’ will run a series of 12 advertisement cards on the DART and in DART stations over the next eight weeks. These DART cards include physics statements and puzzles which will engage commuters and start a city-wide conversation around physics.

Catchy physics one-liners like “Everyone on the DART is attracted to you….. gravitationally” or “Why does the metal pole on the DART feel colder than the seat”, will zap the curiosity of commuters driving them to the website ‘’ to find out more.

Trinity physicist Professor Shane Bergin believes that “people see physics as ugly, but necessary, and not for them.” Working with colleagues from the School of Education, Professor Colette Murphy and Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin, and Dr. Jessamyn Fairfield of the nanoscience institute CRANN, they created DARTofPhysics to change the public perception of physics. Simple “wow statements” that capture the beauty of physics will become part of the backdrop for Dublin commuters over the next eight weeks, sparking conversation and zapping curiosity.

David Franks, Chief Executive of Iarnród Éireann said: “DART & Iarnród Éireann are delighted to be involved in this thought provoking campaign which will entertain our customers on their commute. We would like to wish DARTofPhysics every success with this unique initiative.”

The website,, will act as a hub for this project. As the eight-week DARTofPhysics campaign is rolled out, a series of blogs will be released linked to various physics topics covered and profiling physics careers. These blogs have been written for DARTofPhysics by leading scientists and science enthusiasts around the globe. The website will also expand on the physics topics mentioned in the DART ads, and be an excellent source for teachers to cover exciting topics in class. Associate Professor of Education at Trinity, Colette Murphy, added: “DartofPhysics is physics for Ireland. I'm really excited about all the amazing science lessons that will come from it.”

As well as benefiting from funding from the Schools of Physics and Education at Trinity, which are jointly leading the initiative, Science Foundation Ireland, Intel Ireland, the Metro Herald, IQ-Content, Language and Irish Rail have all provided financial and/or in-kind contributions to ensure the project is a success.   

DARTofPhysics is a fantastic vehicle to bring the beauty of physics to an entire city, confronting commuters with beautiful physics, appealing to their natural curiosity to resolve the leading physics ads, and sparking a city-wide conversation about physics. ‘DARTofPhysics will connect the Joe on the DART to the Josephine in the lab’ says Prof. Bergin

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