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Team of Physicists in CRANN in major breakthrough on properties of empty space

Research published in ‘Nature Physics’ shows that Irish scientists have captured magnetism from empty space

Theoretical physicists have long believed that empty space is not a formless void. It is seething with ‘zero-point’ energy, the quantum reside of all electromagnetic waves.  Nobody has ever managed to find a way to harvest this limitless store of energy, and the direct evidence for its existence relies on a few very delicate landmark experiments. Now, a team of scientists working in Trinity College Dublin’s Centre for Research on Advanced Nanostructures and Nanodevices (CRANN) have discovered a new and unexpected manifestation of this elusive energy.

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City of Physics 2015 - The Beauty and Mystery of Physics to come alive in Dublin

The ‘City of Physics’ team from Trinity College Dublin, UCD and CRANN have today launched a new campaign to encourage everyone across the capital to explore and discover the beauty of Physics around Dublin City. The campaign will be rolling across a four week period, from 26th October to 19th November. The idea behind the campaign is to bring simple physics to life, to spark curiosities and ask people to consider Physics as part of our culture.

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Ireland's first NanoFab arrives for Nanoweek 2015

The first Zeiss NanoFab - a multi-beam ion microscope - has arrived into CRANN's Advanced Microscopy Laboratory. It will enable very high resolution imaging combined with nanomaching.

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AAAS Early Career Award for Public Engagement with Science goes to Irish Scientist - Shane Bergin

American Association for the Advancement of Science awards Shane Bergin the first non-American Award recipient.

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Dr. Rachel Evans Awarded Young Leader of the Year

Dr. Rachel Evans, Associate Investigator at CRANN, Ireland’s flagship nanoscience institute, Trinity College and Assistant Professor, School of Chemistry, Trinity College, Dublin, has been awarded The Irish Laboratory Awards’ ‘Young Leader of the Year’.

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