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Trinity College Dublin

Engaging with Industry

The Advanced Microscopy Laboratory (AML) operates a unique access programme that enables industry to access the equipment.

This access to industry provides a cost effective extension to users of their in-house capabilities. Our open access programme increases the use of advanced microscopic techniques and nanofabrication processes within the Irish industrial communities.

Current industrial users of the AML are from sectors such as semiconductors, photonics, biomedical, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, the construction industry, device fabrication, material analysis/consultancy and energy. The centre also provides equipment backup to a number of multinationals in Ireland to support their existing tooling and offers advanced techniques to support their qualification processes of new materials.

The equipment and associated human capital are made available as services to companies that do not have the capability in house. A “self-service” programme is available for industry users who are trained to operate the equipment, with input from technical experts in CRANN.

For initial enquiries about industrial access, please contact the Central Equipment Facilities manager, Cathal McAuley at