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Nano in My Life

‘Nano in My Life’ introduces Transition Year and Senior Cycle students to nanoscience, which is set to become part of the proposed new Leaving Certificate syllabi.

There are seven modules, each using a range of teaching and learning approaches, designed to engage students and encourage active learning. Each module contains teachers' notes, a Power Point presentation, video, cirriculum links, timings, experiments and work sheets.

The 7 modules are:
•    Introduction to Nanoscience
•    Microscopy
•    Nano in Nature
•    Nanoscience and Materials
•    Nanotechnology and ICT
•    Nanoscience and Health Research
•    Nano and the Environment.

To receive a copy of all modules, go to our resources page or email

Chapter 10, "Studying Nanoscience" taken from CRANN's "Nano in My Life" DVD