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Trinity College Dublin

Nanoweek 2013

Nanoweek 2013 will take place 14th - 21st June.

This is the 4th year that Ireland's national awareness week around nanoscience and materials science has been run by NanoNet Ireland. This year it is even bigger than ever with  EuroNanoForum, the largest nanotechnology conference in Europe as the centre piece.

Nanoweek will be launched on Friday 14th June with an outdoor NanoArt exhibition in the grounds of Trinity College Dublin (in Fellow's Square, near the Book of Kells). This will run for 3 weeks. Running concurrently will be an exhibition in Cork with images displayed in Tyndall National Institute and the Triskell Arts Centre. Research imagery from CRANN, Tyndall and MSSI (Limerick) will be exhibited, and will include materials such as graphene, silver nanoparticles and semiconductor materials. You can view all the images online, and enter a draw to win a prize by voting for your favourite.

Take part in our NanoArt pub trail - visit all the pubs in Dublin exhibiting nanoscience research imagery during Nanoweek.

Over 1500 delegates are expected to attend EuroNanoForum, which will take place in Dublin's Convention Centre, 18-20 June and will focus on the impact nanotechnology has in problem solving across key societal sectors such as health, energy and environment.

The NanoNet Ireland Showcase at EuroNanoForum 2013, puts Ireland firmly at the centre of the global nanoworld.   The Showcase forms the main attraction in the Nanotech Europe exhibition on the first  day of the conference. Organised by CCAN on behalf of NanoNet Ireland, the Showcase for the first time assembles and promotes Irish companies, products and research providers to the global nanotech community.

During the showcase 15 Irish companies and 5 universities will present their capabilities to over 1500 conference attendees

Other events include the launch of CRANN's new primary school material.