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Trinity College Dublin


Nanoweek is a national initiative, comprising a week-long programme of activities designed to promote nanoscience and nanotechnology in Ireland.



Nanoweek is an initiative of NanoNet Ireland, a network bringing together the key stakeholders in developing nanoscience and nanotechnology in Ireland – government, academia and industry.  NanoNet Ireland is a non-profit network currently combining two major nano-related consortia, INSPIRE and CCAN.

Nanoweek 2013 took place 14th - 21st June and coincided with EuroNanoForum, the largest nanotechnology conference in Europe. Read more about Nanoweek 2013.

Nanoweek 2012 opened on Friday 14th September with Science Gallery's "Magical Materials" exhibition. Run in collaboration with CRANN, this exhibition features an exhibition of innovative materials and a lab area where visitors can explore materials further, e.g. ferrofluids, quantum dots, remote access to CRANN's SEM.