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Trinity College Dublin

Aims of nanoWOW

What are the aims of nanoWOW?

  • To introduce the children to the world of materiaSpeech-bubble-(1).jpgls and nanoscience
  • To make them aware of scale, and in particular how small things are on the nanoscale
  • To gain an understanding that the word nano is a prefix that can be put before most words for example, nano- technology, nanoscience, nano- medicine and nano- metre
  • To understand what the properties of materials are and how the properties of materials can change on the nanoscale
  • To make the children aware of a new, super material called graphene, that could potentially solve major global issues
  • To give the children opportunities to work like scientists, through discussion, investigations and activities
  • To make the children aware that Ireland is a leading country in nanoscience and materials research
  • To foster the children’s curiosity about how nanomaterials might impact on their lives in the future