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Trinity College Dublin

Club Sessions

An informal space for chats with potential employers.


The club sessions are where students geDavid-Jameson,-Oriflame-at-Cool-Jobs.JPGt to meet the presenters from the 'Day in the Life' talks or during Seed Dating, have a snack and something to drink and/or plant themselves at one of the themed pod tables to meet with like minded people and potential employees.


Find out the answers to all the COOL JOB questions you've ever wanted to know:

  • How do I get a job where I can travel lots?
  • What job will allow me to work in a big team?
  • How can I earn a million Euro before I'm 40?
  • How can I work in science research?
  • How can I make sure I have a varied work day?
  • How can I change the world?